Jason Messinger - Tile Murals - Sculpture - Artwork
Lake and Mountains 12"x12"Water Scape 12x12 Water Lilies 8"x24"Hot Flowers 12"x12"Blooms 12"x12" tileWild Flowers 12"x12"Flowers - 24Tiles 8x8Beautiful World II - 49 8"x8" tilesNature Walks II - 42 8"x8" TilesNature Walks 30Tiles 8x8France - 6 8"x8" tilesVista - 8 8x8 tilesMorocco - 3 8"x8"tilesStarry Landscape 8"x8"Forest 8"x8"Field II, 8"x8" tileHearth - 8"x8"Dark Moor 8"x8"SOLD Sweet Night 12"x12"SOLD Water Lillys 12x12SOLD Swiss Alps 12x12 TileSOLD Dandelion Field 12"x12" TileSOLD Reeds III 12"x12"
SOLD Reeds II - 2 12"x12" TIlesSOLD Reeds - 12"x12" TileSOLD Suns - 4 12x12 TilesSOLD Painted Canyon 12x12TileSOLD Winter Woods 12"x12" SOLD Night Drive 12x12SOLD River Scape 12x12 SOLD - Blue Mist MountainsSOLD December 12"x12" tileSOLD Agriculture II - 24 8x8 tilesSOLD Fields & Streams 15 8x8 tilesSOLD Landscapes - 12 TilesSOLD Field Scape 12x12 SOLD- Coming Home/Night FlightSOLD Cityscape IIISOLD - City SOLD - Autumn LeavesSOLD - Earth Sea SkySOLD Sunset Cities - 3 8"x8" tilesSOLD- Cityscapes B 3TilesSOLD Field I, 8"x8" tileSOLD Field III, 8"x8" tileSOLD Water II, 8"x8" tileSOLD - Landscape IVSOLD - Landscape VSOLD - Landscape VISOLD- Landscape VIISOLD - Water I, 8"x8" tileSOLD- Water III, 8"x8" tileSOLD - Water IV, 8"x8" tile
These TILE MURALS allow multiple ways to arrange the modular tile work, resetting the narrative for the viewer, who provide their own interpretations of the images. These mega-mosaic grids take symbols into new open-ended meanings. In