Jason Messinger - Tile Murals - Sculpture - Artwork
Postcards I - 42Tiles 8x8La Dolce Vita  - 15 8"x8" TilesPilgrimage - 21 8x8 carved tilesGothic -20 TIlesSands Shift - 24 tiles 8x8Versailles, France -18Tiles 8x8Medieval Architects - 42 8"x8" TilesSantorini - 12 8"x8" tilesEarth Sea - 9 8x8 TilesIberian Penninsula 10 Tiles 8x8Mediterranean - 8Tiles 8x8Miami - 8Tiles 8x8Postcards 28 8"x8" TIlesSOLD - Four SunsSOLD Snow Birds SOLD Asian Tour 12 TilesSOLD - Juice 2SOLD - Traveler's TaleSOLD - Gusto SOLD - Al CapSOLD - NatureSOLD Thailand SOLD - JuiceSOLD- PulpsSOLD Turkey - 3 8"x8" tilesSOLD - PennsylvaniaSOLD America, 3-8"x8"TilesSOLD Portugal IISOLD Heat Dreams Slick -9 TilesClose Shaves -8 TilesGreece - 4 8"x8" tilesDenmark - 4 8"x8" tilesChild's Play - 4 8x8 tilesSpain - 3 8"x8" tiles
Symbolic tile murals that use the idioms of ideograms or hieroglyphics.
The viewer provides their own unique interpretations to the images the artist presents.

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TILE MURALS allow multiple ways to arrange the modular tile work, resetting the narrative for the viewer, who provide their own interpretations of the images. These mega-mosaic grids take symbols into new open-ended meanings.

All murals are designed to be modular, and may be rearranged in any grid order, and any sequence, thus resetting the 'narratives'. Murals are backed with hidden wooden float frames which hang off of French cleat, allowing owners in private settings to rearrange tiles easily.