Jason Messinger - Tile Murals - Sculpture - Artwork
Wake Up! 8"x8"QueenBabyPapi Wake My Burn Dust - 12"x12"Lost In Translation 12"x12"Surf Hits 12"x12"Money Talks 12"x12"The Quick Brown Fox 12"x12"Sky Writing 12"x12"Owl Charts 12"x12"Speaking in Tongues 12"x12"Spring Madrigal- 8 12"sq tilesOrange - 3 8"x8" TIlesRed Letters 8x8 - Tile ARed Letter Tile 8x8 - Tile BWrit On Air - 4 8x8TilesSOLD - Wake Up ! -12"x12" TileSOLD No More War - 8"x8" tileSOLD - Wake Up - Do Good SOLD - Hope MoreSOLD Tux Taxes Lust 12"x12"SOLD Innovative SOLD - SupportiveSOLD - CollaborativeSOLD - DiverseSOLD - Passionate SOLD- Nine BirdsSOLD - Letter Tile AssortmentSOLD - Nine LetterfieldsSOLD Birdhouse MuralSOLD LetterfiedSOLD - AliceSOLD Celestial MurmursSOLD MossWhite 6TIlesSOLD - Writ on AirSOLD- Sun Talk 12"x12"SOLD - Hear Me Poppy Sex GodBoy Toy Porn StarSOLD - Wake Up!SOLD Live Now 8"x8" TileSOLD Wake Up ! II SOLD No More FearSOLD - Your LoveSOLD Watermelon - Dog - Fast FoodSOLD Wake Up-True BLiss-Live NowSOLD - Real Deeds One Life Live NowSOLD- Mad Love, 8"x8" tileSOLD - Blue - 3 8"x8" TilesSOLD - Why War Jokes 12"x12"SOLD- My Bad Kiss SOLD Amber Magic SOLD - Black MagicSOLD - KOMSOLD- Red MagicSOLD - RNSSOLD - JAXSOLD - RAYSOLD Amber LettersEight Letterfield 8 - 12"x12" tiles
Alphabet graphic tile murals.
With meaning obscured or expressed, the artist manipulates both letters and meaning.

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TILE MURALS allow multiple ways to arrange the modular tile work, resetting the narrative for the viewer, who provide their own interpretations of the images. These mega-mosaic grids take symbols into new open-ended meanings.

All murals are designed to be modular, and may be rearranged in any grid order, and any sequence. Murals are backed with hidden wooden float frames which hang off of French cleat, allowing owners in private settings to rearrange tiles easily.