Jason Messinger - Tile Murals - Sculpture - Artwork
Undertow (7 Views)Flames Lick (8 Views)Ice Harvest (9 Views)WaterfallOnomatopoeia - 15 tiles 8x8BANGPOWZAPCarny Cant - 12Tiles 8x8Circus SlangMagicParadeAlakazamWin A PrizeNew York City 20 12"x12" TilesManhattan - 18 8"x8" tilesSOLD - Gear Mural 12Tiles 12x12Urban Sentinels Assortment 24 Tiles 8x8Flowers - 30 TilesSea Life 6Tiles 8x8SOLD Siamese Fighting Fish 4tiles 8x8Gossip - C - birds on a wireNovas VII - 9 12"x12" TilesSigns From Above IV - 15 12"x12" TIlesNear And Far 20 12X12 TilesDesert Landscape - 12"x12" TileReeds IV 12"x12"Bazaar- 35 8"x8"TilesPostcards II 28 8"x8" TIlesDolce Vita III - 25 8"x8" TilesShorelines II - 24 8x8 TIlesBlue Miami - 16TilesGears - 8"x8" assortment of 12SOLD Amber Gears - 2 12"x12" tilesSOLD Silver Gears 12x12 2015Light Amber Gears 8"x16"Sky Blue Gears - 8" x 16"Flight Plan 12"x12"Butterfly Sunset IIAlphabet VaseAlphabet Vase IIBamboo Vase II RaptureAll Your Cares AwayAlwaysSOLD Health - Home - Hope - HeartSOLD Hope Home Heart - 3 12"x12" TIles
A gallery of new assorted works from the artist.
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TILE MURALS allow multiple ways to arrange the modular tile work, resetting the narrative for the viewer, who provide their own interpretations of the images. These mega-mosaic grids take symbols into new open-ended meanings. In the 'Palimpsests' series, objects from the real world leave bas-relief surface impressions on the clay, scripting a new language of forms and shapes.
SCULPTURES have a strong identity, while remaining abstract in inspiration, moving through forms as one walks around them, creating a visual dance of mass and shape.
WORKS ON PAPER re-imagine the world into patterns and diagrams of movement and color, light and gesture.