Jason Messinger - Tile Murals - Sculpture - Artwork
SOLD Gears Gold 12"x12" SOLD Silver Gears 12x12 SOLD Gears Pewter 12"x12" ASOLD Gears Pewter 12x12 B SOLD Celadon Gears 12"x12"SOLD Amber Gears - 12"x12" - 2ASOLD Amber Gears 12x12 - 2BSOLD Gears - Boroque Gold 12"x12"SOLD Gears - red 12"x12"SOLD Apple Green Gears - 12"x12" SOLD Gears - Strawberry Red 12"x12"Gears Assortment - 4 8x8 tilesColor Gear Assortment Pewter Gears 8"x8" tileCaramel Gears 8"x8" tileBlack Gears 8"x8"SOLD - Amber Gears - 12"x12" SOLD White Gears - 8 - 8x8 tilesSOLD Silver Gears 12"x12' (2014)SOLD Silver Gears 12"x12" 2014SOLD Pewter Gears 12"x12" 2014SOLD - Six 12"x12" GearsSOLD Foliage Green Gears 8"x8" tileSOLD Agean Blue Gears 8"x8" tileSOLD Wine Cooler Gears 8"x8" tileSOLD Pewter Gears 8- 8"x8" tilesSOLD Gears - black glaze -12"x24"SOLD Gears Grey 12"x12"SOLD Gears Aegean Blue 12x12SOLD Gears - Foilage Green 12"x12"SOLD Gears 6 8x8 TilesSOLD Gears 12"x24"SOLD Amber Gears 12x12SOLD Amber Gears 8"x8"SOLD Grey Gears 8"x8"Gears - 8"sq
Embossed custom commissioned ceramic tile murals
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In the 'Palimpsests' series, objects from the natural world leave bas-relief surface impressions on the clay, scripting a new language of forms and shapes.

The artist creates customized vignettes of the world through embossing clay with real objects. All works available in a variety of glazes. Murals can be made with hidden wooden frames or ready to mount directly to a wall. Tiles can be created with edge-to-edge design continuation or for open-spaced grid.

Larger compositions composed of smaller 'identity' objects in the silhouette of a larger shape are also available, inquire directly.

Please specify image, tile-size, color, qty, and backer style when placing commissioned orders.