Sun Kissed
Sun Kissed
Ceramic, ceramic glazes, white maple frame supports.
15.5' x 5' high, and second installation 1.5' x 5' high

A series of thirty concentric circles, a symbol in global crafts, and in ancient, modern, and contemporary art. In many traditions, circles communicate unity, community, knowledge, healing, growth, wholeness, harmony and connection. The diagonal shape also obliquely references ‘Ojos de Dios’ or ‘God’s Eye’, a colorful symbol of protection, commonly found in Mexican, Peruvian, and Latin American communities among both Indigenous and Catholic peoples. The mural, while primarily a visual experience, also reminds the viewer of the physical sense of heat, by triggering memories of the sun’s warmth.

Commissioned by the Illinois Art-in-Architecture Program-Capital Development Board. Located in the College of Lake County Community Center, Waukegan Illinois. Approximately 50% of the student body have Hispanic heritage.

One of three murals on three floors. Murals are presented in two parts with smaller assortment in complimentary color to right of built in wall monitor.