Ceramic, ceramic glazes, white maple frame supports.
14.5' x 5'high, and second installation 1' x 5'high

A series of thirty-three stylized and abstracted flowers. Installed on the floor where health and medical courses are taught.
Flowers are part of humanity’s collective medical heritage, as botanicals were the original primary components of medicine. Bouquets of flowers are also a traditional gift for people in need of healing. Meant to present a joyful symbolic representation of the natural world, which is fundamental to our health and shared well-being. This mural, while primarily a visual experience, also references the sense of smell, by tickling the mind with a memory of floral scents.

Commissioned by the Illinois Art-in-Architecture Program-Capital Development Board. Located in the College of Lake County Community Center, Waukegan Illinois.

One of three murals on three floors. Murals are presented in two parts with smaller assortment in complimentary color to right of built in wall monitor.